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For more that 10 years, Circle of Love, Inc. has devoted its energy to passionaltely advocating for women who have chosen adoption for their babies and for adoptive couples and families.  Find out how you can join the adventure!

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We are a non-profit that offers support, therapy services, and case coordination to women who have chosen adoption for their unborn child.  Most times, these women have other children who need services as well...

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adoption is a loving and sacrificial choice..

made by women who find themselves unprepared or unable to parent their child.  We believe she (birth mother) should receive honor and respect for her decision.  We pledge to come along side birth moms and walk the journey with her, both before the placement and after. 

The reasons a woman chooses adoption are many, but may include:  Non-support from father or family, she frequently has other children she is struggling to provide for, fear of domestic violence or drug/alcohol expose, or current and/or past state or legal involvement.  No matter the reason, adoption is always a loving choice. 

Services include:

• Crisis Pregnancy counseling

• Exploring the option of adoption with a companionate, professional therapist  

• In home services

• Referrals for medical, housing, educational, mental wellness, substance abuse, and legal assistance

• Casework management


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